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Welcome to St. Agnes’ Catholic Parish Matraville

Dear Friends

You are most welcome to contact Fr John on 9311 2062



This weekend Fr John will be:

Saturday 3 June – 5.30 pm – St Agnes’

Sunday, 4 June 9.00am St Andrew’s (Livestreamed)

Please click on the following like to read Archbishop Anthonys Letter to save Calvary Hospital (ACT) and to sign the pettition:

Parish Notices: Please click on this link below to see Parish Notices from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

The Archdiocese Safeguarding Policy: For those parishioners interested in reading the Safeguarding Policy which our parish follows:

Archdiocese Child Safeguarding Policy

ary School, Pagewood | Ph: 9349 6902

PLEASE NOTE: As of Saturday, January 1, 2022, there will be no Saturday morning masses, unless the feast of Assumption or New Years Day falls on a Saturday.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: From 25th Feb 2022, wearing of Face Masks in the Church is no longer mandatory, but recommended to use when physical distancing is not possible.We ask that we all follow the guidelines when visiting our parish. We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation for helping us KEEP OUR CHURCH COVIDSAFE.

Please click on the link below to access Sydney Archdiocese Parish Notices

Parish Notices: Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney (

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Plenary Council Prayer Campaign: People across the country are invited to participate in th] “Fan the Flame” prayer campaign leading up to the first assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia. The assembly starts on October 3. Campaign materials include resources for personal and communal prayer, reflections, musical suggestions and multimedia content. Find the resources at:

Humanitarian crises unfolding in Afghanistan and Lebanon

As the situations in Afghanistan and Lebanon deteriorate, you can help to support families caught up in the crises. In Afghanistan, people have been forced from their homes, with half of the population in urgent need of food, water, shelter and protection. In Lebanon, the country is running out of power, water, fuel, medicine and food. Even hospitals are facing massive fuel shortages and will soon have to turn off the lights. Please donate to Caritas Australia so that we are able to respond to crises like these and others across the world. Visit or or call 1800 024 413 toll free to provide much needed support.  

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Installation of Fr John Knight at St Agnes’ Matraville

Installation Mass of Rev Fr. John M. Knight as Parish Priest of St Agnes’ Matraville by the Very Rev Michael deStoop, Rector of the Seminary of The Good Shepherd, Homebush. Thank you to Joseph Medcalf Funerals – Cody and Michelle for live streaming this special occasion.

Installation Mass of Rev. Fr. John M. Knight as Parish Priest of St Andrew’s Malabar by His Grace, The Most Rev. Anthony Fisher, OP, Archbishop of Sydney. Thank you to Joseph Medcalf Funerals – Cody and Michelle for live streaming this special occasion.


Go Make Disciples

The Mission Plan for the Archdiocese of Sydney

Bulletins and scripture readings are available by clicking “BULLETINS” above.


We can make a difference!!!

If anyone would like to visit a person in need of a little companionship or even make a phone call to them, please call the parish office. Your generosity in giving a little of your time will brighten someone’s life and be very much appreciated.

We already have some parishioners who have offered their time and have found they have gained much more than they have given.

You don’t need to make a long term commitment or go very often, just give it a go. Ask a friend to go with you…much more interesting for all involved!

Are we aware of our neighbours? in particular our elderly community, who are feeling lonely and would really benefit from knowing that we care. If we all make an effort to contact just one other person, we would really make a difference.

Anyone who would like to receive a phone call or a visit please let us know by calling the parish office on 9311 2062 or 9311 1909.

We are asked to love one another – please reach out to your neighbours and fellow parishioners!


When coming to weekend Mass, please come to the church early (15 minutes)


Latest NSW Government Regulations

Please try to download the Service NSW app so that your phone can scan the QR CODE

More than 100 people at each Mass at Matraville & Malabar

as long as we keep the physical distance of 1.5 metres (2 arms lengths) or 2sqm rule at all times.
It is also suggested that during this uncertain time, we try to attend just one church, to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Those who are unwell or at high risk should not attend.
(Family members may sit closer to each other)

Keep the physical distance of 1.5 metres (2 arms lengths) at all times

ie. When seated, standing and when walking.
Let us all respect government regulations.

Use the sanitiser every time on your way into the church.

Thank you for cooperating in keeping each other safe.
Come and join your parish community and invite your fellow parishioners so we can celebrate Mass together.


Catholics are called to return to Mass

As the level of community transmission of COVID-19 declines, Catholics are called to return to Mass, if they are well enough, rather than continuing to rely upon livestreamed Masses where we miss out on receiving the Blessed Sacrament, the source and summit of our faith.  As we prepare to welcome the birth of Our Lord, Advent is a wonderful time for Catholics to return to Mass who may not have done so over recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekday Masses

Malabar 9.00am on Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat.

Matraville – 7am on Tues, Wed & Fri & 9.00am Thurs.

No Sat morning Mass at Matraville until further notice.


Matraville: Sat 5.00 – 5.15pm

Malabar: Sat 4.30 – 4.45pm

Also available by appointment.


Mass is celebrated on Channel 10 Sundays at 6am or online or via St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney website

Parishioners are invited to watch Masses streamed live as listed below. OLSH Randwick has excellent online Masses and liturgies: Wollongong Diocese has excellent Sunday Mass at 9am each week:


Pagewood & Matraville Masterplan

Sydney Catholic Schools and the principals of St Agnes, Our Lady of the Annunciation and Champagnat Catholic College have very exciting plans in place for the development and growth of our community.

The Pagewood and Matraville Masterplan website is now live at

The website has been developed to share all the key information about this innovative and important Masterplan. It will be a key channel now and into the future, outlining what is happening, key milestones, timeframes for change and opportunities to get involved. This website will continue to grow and evolve over time, as detailed planning is undertaken and the project comes to life.

I am thrilled at the possibilities this Masterplan presents. If you missed the drop-in session after mass a couple of weeks ago or the webinar held to launch the Masterplan, a full recording of this session is available on the website.

This is an exciting time and I look forward to many more updates about the benefits of this masterplan for our schools, parishes and community.


Rachel’s Vineyard
Finding healing and hope after abortion

A FREE online session at a time to suit you
Do you feel overwhelmed or laid low?
Has an abortion experience affected your life?
Is healing and hope possible?
Register at [email protected]
or confidential phoneline: 0400 092 555.
Please give your name (first name is sufficient), email or phone contact details
and we will contact you to arrange an agreed time for your online session.
Just mention you are registering for Called to Life online program.
For more information see under “Publications, Other Articles”

Fr Paul’s Reflections are available under ‘Publications, Other Articles‘.
You may also enjoy the Week by Week Family Prayer Articles under ‘Publications, Inspirations‘.

Financial Support

Sincere thanks to those who have continued their support through planned giving and to those who have made some special donations. Your generosity is really appreciated.

If you are making a “DONATION” and require a Receipt to claim a Tax Deduction please make sure you let us know at the time the donation is made. Thank you.

You are most welcome to phone the parish office 9311 1909 or 9311 2062 for more information.


Catholic Careline 13 18 19 is a free and confidential helpline during this time of uncertainty, when it can be difficult to know where to turn to for help!